BB art



In the early years Brangwyn tended to sign his name in fairly large capital letters (a form of advertising perhaps) but as his fame increased so his need to sign works decreased and much of the time he didn't even bother and had to be reminded by assistants. In later years William de Belleroche insisted that Brangwyn sign every work which entered the younger man's collection, with the result that some early works have a much later signature. Anyway, here's a sample signature and monogram to be going on with. Brangwyn's signatures always look as if they were wriiten quickly, they weren't studied, you can almost see his heartbeat, so if a signature looks studied it's wrong. And he rarely added the initial downstroke to the capital B.


fb sig




There appears to be a significant market in fake Brangwyns sold through auction houses or on the web. If you are the least bit suspicious about a work then check the signature, question the provenance, ask an expert's advice or contact me by email.