BB biography



A huge amount has been written about Brangwyn in the past - most of it, unfortunately, unsourced and unresearched. Errors have been compounded and accepted as fact through repetition. Even the most recent edition of the Dictionary of National Biography has 25 factual errors and statements for which there is no evidence, including the wrong birth date (the on-line version has subsequently been corrected).

I'm trying to set the record straight so here's a few corrections to be going on with!

Brangwyn's father was NOT Welsh - although his mother was.

Brangwyn's father did some architectural designs but was NOT a qualified architect.

Brangwyn was NOT an official war artist.

Brangwyn travelled a fair bit in his youth but NEVER visited the Far East.

Brangwyn was NOT Knighted in 1924 but in 1941 - although he never went to Buckingham Palace to be officially dubbed.