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In 1927 the Brangwyn Portfolio was published by E F d'Alignan and Paul Turpin. Responding to a demand for high quality reproductions of his work Brangwyn himself chose 100 items which he felt were representative of his range of disciplines, including 12 original etchings and 3 original lithographs. The remaining 85 works were lithographic reproductions of watercolours, pastels and drawings produced by photomechanical means to which Brangwyn and his assistants added chalk or watercolour through stencils, giving the impression of original works. In fact such is the quality of these reproductions that they are frequently mistaken for the real thing - even by the top auction houses.

The folios, presented in a folder measuring 45x64cm, were produced in a limited edition of 120, costing 100 guineas each. Most were sold to Japan, America and Europe. Works produced before 1922 were numbered 1-50, before 1927 were numbered 51-100.

The works as they appear in the Portfolio are illustrated below, and the dimensions quoted are those of the reproductions (generally much reduced from the originals).  The number in brackets following the title of each Brangwyn work indicates the number by which the work is identified in the Catalogue Raisonne. The location of the original, if known, is also noted.

The Brangwyn Portfolio is discussed in the DRIFTWOOD #3 podcast, June 2008.

1 small
2 small
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5 small
1. The Village of la Popie (D1547) , 1912, watercolour, 34x41cm. Original: Leighton House Art Gallery. 2.  Man carrying a Water Jar on Head (study for M1323) , 1914, drawing, 39.5x27cm.  Original not located 3.  Coffee Stall, Hammersmith (E902), 1919, etching, 23.2x29.7cm.  Multiple owners 4.  The Procession, Furnes (D1549), 1910, watercolour, 33.7x46cm.  Original not located 5.  American Boatmen (study for W3561) , 1914-1918, drawing, 42x38cm.  Original not located.
6 small
7 small
8 small
9 small
10 small
6.  Beggars (study for M1108) , 1908-1916, sanguine sketch, 39x38.5cm.  Original: Arents House, Bruges 7.  Men Looking at Procession (study for O2620) , 1919-1921, sanguine sketch, 33x44.5cm.  Original not located. 8.  Man Sawing (P1033), 1920, lithograph, 35.5x33.5cm.  Multiple owners 9.  Bridge of Sighs, Venice (D1550), c1920, watercolour, 34x48cm.  Original not located. 10.  Head of Oriental (study for D2559), 1917, sanguine sketch, 39x46.5cm  Original not located.
11 small
12 small
13 small
14 small
15 small
11.  Boy Playing a Violin (study for M1139) , 1907, drawing, 33.7x24cm.  Original: private collection 12.  Cloth Hall, Ypres (D1253), c1920, brush drawing, 41.5x31cm.  Original: National Gallery of Wales, Cardiff 13.  Blacksmiths (D1552), c1920, chalk drawing, 27x30.2cm.  Original not located 14.  Interior of Cannon Street Station (study for E873) , 1910, watercolour, 31x49cm.  Original:  National Gallery of Wales, Cardiff 15.  Temporary Wooden Bridge, Ghent (E920), 1907, etching, 38x38cm.  Multiple owners
16 small
17 small
18 small
19 small
20 small
16.  Church of St Walburgh, Furnes (D1553), 1909, mixed media work, 41x31.7cm.  Original:  private collection 17.  Tavern (D1554), 1916, chalk drawing, 31x44.5cm.  Original:  Musee d'Orange ? 18.  Road in the Marsh, Picardy (D1555), 1909, watercolour, 33x46cm.  Original:  Musee d'Orange? 19.  Boy (study for W1120), 1917, sketch, 43x34.2cm.  Original:  Museum of Dudley 20.  Grun Bookplate (X630), 1920, woodcut, 41x38.5cm.  Multiple owners
21 small
22 small
23 small
24 small
25 small
21.  Man Resting (study for M1139) , 1910, sketch, 28x38cm.  Original not located 22.  St Mary and St John/Joseph (study for E852) , sketch, c1912, 35.5x35cm.  Original not located 23.  Caxton Printing (study for M1109), 1918, sketch, 36x34cm.  Original:  Arents House, Bruges 24.  Study for Skinners (study for M1139) , c1908, coloured sketch, 19x34cm.  Original not located 25.  Tramps (P1058), 1920, lithograph, 47.4x39.7cm.  Multiple owners
26 small
27 small
28 small
29 small
30 small
26.  Venetian Boatmen (D1556), 1906, watercolour, 35.5x48cm.  Original:  private collection 27.  Bedside (V1557) , c1920, sketch, 28x33cm.  Original not located 28.  Coutrai (D4221), 1914, brush drawing, 46x35cm.  Original:  Wolverhampton Art Gallery 29.  Fish Porters, Billingsgate (E921), 1920, etching, 27.5x35.5cm.  Multiple owners 30.  Man Presenting Petition (study for M1139) , 1901-1909, sketch, 32.5x26cm.  Original not located
31 small
32 small
33 small
34 small
35 small
31.  Broken Christ (D1559), 1916, mixed media drawing, 40.5x30cm.  Original not located 32.  Building the new South Kensington Museum (D1329), 1904, watercolour, 33x44.2cm.  Original:  Victoria and Albert Museum 33.  Calvery, Antwerp (D1560), 1912-1916, brush drawing, 46x36.5cm.  Original:  Arents House, Bruges 34.  New Bridge, Albi (D1561), 1911, watercolour, 34.5x43cm.  Original: private collection 35.  Figure Studies (study for O2620) , 1919-1921, sketch, 18x35.5cm.  Original not located
36 small
37 small
38 small
39 small
40 small
36.  Pub Landlord (E922), 1920, etching, 40.5x28.2cm.  Multiple owners 37.  Return from the Raid (D1562), 1911, watercolour, 35x47cm.  Original:  private collection 38.  Death of St Aidan (study for M1108) , sketch, 1908-1916, 34x40.5cm.  Original:  Arents House, Bruges 39.  Autumn Storm (D1563), 1915, watercolour, 34.5x48.5cm.  Original:  Arents House, Bruges 40.  Soldier offering drink to comrade (study for M1403) , 1920, sketch, 32x39cm.  Original not located
41 small
42 small
43 small
44 small
45 small
41.  Interior of St Hilaire, Poitiers (D1433) , 1912, watercolour, 45.5x35cm.  Original:  Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 42.  Pont Neuf, Paris (E936), 1923, etching, 55.5x34cm.  Multiple owners 43.  Figures for St Aidan's (study for M1108) , 1908-19156, red chalk, 39.2x39cm.  Original: Arents House, Bruges 44.  Men Dancing (study for O1402), 1910, chalk drawing, 32.5x41cm.  Original: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 45.  Pont Neuf, Paris (study for E916) , 1919, watercolour, 36x45cm.  Original:  Arents House, Bruges
46 small
47 small
48 small
49 small
50 small
46.  Revolt (P1328), 1920, lithograph, 43x35.5cm.  Multiple owners 47.  Lead Worker (D1564), 1920, drawing, 33.5x42.5cm.  Original not located 48.  Blast Furnace, Hammersmith (D1468) , 1917, watercolour, 32x43..4cm.  Original not located 49.  Unloading at London Bridge (D1415), 1919, watercolour, 32.5x42cm.  Original:  Arents House, Bruges 50.  Old Bridge, Rome (E928), 1921, etching, 30.3x35.3cm.  Multiple owners
51 small
52 small
53 small
54 small
55 small
51.  XVIIIth century Balcony Scene (study for M1139) , 1901-1909, watercolour, 36.5x44.5cm.  Original:  Arents House, Bruges 52.  Sawyer (D1565), c1921, drawing, 29x38cm.  Original not located 53.  Man Playing Harmonium (study for M1109), 1912-1923, tinted drawing, 47x36cm.  Original: Musee d'Orange? 54.  Building the New Home (study for M1135), 1915-1925, crayon drawing, 27.5x38cm.  Original: private collection 55.  Verger (D1567) , 1923, sanguine study, 40x67cm.  Original:  Musee d'Orange?
56 small
57 small
58 small
59 small
60 small
56. The Statue (study for V1569), 1919, sketch, 29x28cm.  Original not located 57.  Return from the Hunt (E941), 1923, etching, 35.5x38cm.  Multiple owners 58.  Two men with Basket of Apples (D1570), c1920, sanguine drawing, 28x37cm.  Original: Musee d'Orange? 59.  Mockery of Christ (study for O281), 1912, chalk drawing, 40x36.5cm.  Original not located 60.  Entombment (study for G1626), c1920, drawing, 28.5x33cm.  Original:  Royal Academy of Art, London
61 small
62 small
63 small
64 small
65 small
61.  Bruges at Night (D1573), 1910, watercolour, 32.2x47cm.  Original: Arents House, Bruges 62.  Two Wounded Soldiers (study for M1403), 1918-1921, ink drawing, 40.2x35cm.  Original: Birmingham Art Gallery? 63.  Men with Hatchets (D1574), c1914, drawing, 38x29cm.  Original: Arents House, Bruges 64.  Retreat from Antwerp (study for W1090), c1914, drawing, 30.2x47cm.  Original: Arents House, Bruges 65.  Constantinople (D1576), c1922, watercolour.  Original: Ferens Art Gallery, Kingtson-upon-Hull
66 small
67 small
68 small
69 small
70 small
66.  Printer (study for P1004) , c1920, sanguine drawing.  Original:  Musee d'Orange? 67.  Interior of St Hilaire, Poitiers (D1578), watercolour, 37x46.8cm.  Original: private collection 68.  Two Men Leaning on their Adze (D1579), c1920, sanguine drawing, 30x38cm.  Original not located 69.  Rabbis (E940), 1923, etching, 32.8x43cm.  Multiple owners 70.  Blind Beggar (study for D319) , c1923, tinted chalk drawing, 37.5x27cm.  Original: Musee d'Orange?
71 small
72 small
73 small
74 small
75 small
71.  Coffee Stall (D1580) , c1923, drawing, 24x38cm.  Original:  Musee d'Orange? 72.  Fowlers (D1581), c1923, sanguine drawing, 37.2x26.5cm.  Original:  Musee d'Orange? 73.  Knight (study for M1142), 1911-1915, coloured drawing, 37x27cm.  Original:  Birmingham Art Gallery 74.  Sawyer (study for M1135) , c1915-1925, drawing, 29.5x39cm.  Original not located 75.  Gypsy Caravans (D1583), 1921-1922, watercolour, 30x33cm.  Original:  National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
76 small
77 small
78 small
79 small
80 small
76.  Man with Nude Torso holds Sledgehammer (study for M2341) , c1909, sanguine drawing, 38.5x28cm.  Original:  Loppem Castle, Bruges 77.  Men with Performing Animals (E837), 1911, etching, 28x37cm.  Multiple owners 78.  Two Beggars (study for M1139), 1901-1909, tinted drawing, 36.5x22.2cm.  Original not located 79.  Study of Women (study for O1586) , 1890-1896, drawing, 40x29.5cm.  Original:  British Museum 80.  Sawyer (D1587) , c1923, sanguine drawing, 38x29cm.  original not located
81 small
82 small
83 small
84 small
85 small
81.  Man with Crossbow (D1588) , colour drawing, 46.5x36cm.  Original not located 82.  Study of Carpenters (D1589), c1923, drawing, 32x41.5cm.  Original:  Musee d'Orange? 83.  Study of Men Carrying Oil Jars (D1590) , c1923, sanguine drawing, 40x30cm.  Original:  Musee d'Orange? 84.  Via Dolorosa (E938) , 1923, etching, 37.8x35.3cm.  Multiple owners 85.  Choir (study for M1109) , 1912-1923, sanguine drawing, 28x31.5cm.  Original:  Arents House, Bruges
86 small
87 small
88 small
89 small
90 small
86.  Wounded Soldier (study for M1403) , 1918-1921, chalk drawing, 32x27cm.  Original not located 87.  Bridge (study for V1592), 1919, ink wash drawing, 28.7x34.5cm.  Original not located 88.  Unloading Coal at Bruges (D1031), c1905, chalk and watercolour, 35.5x40.5cm.  Original: private collection 89.  Ne'er Do Well (study for O2620) , 1919-1921, sanguine drawing, 30.5x40cm.  Original not located 90.  Tramps Resting (E937), 1923, etching, 30.5x38cm.  Multiple owners
91 small
92 small
93 small
94 small
95 small
91.  St Leonard's Abbey, Blanchard Island (study for E869), 1913, colour drawing, 36x29cm.  Original: Wolverhampton Art Gallery 92.  Two Indians leaning on Poles (study for M2341) , 1909-1910, drawing, 36.5x26cm.  Original not located 93.  Sketch for Melon Stall (study for D1595) , 1922, coloured drawing, 23.5x33cm.  Original: Musee d'Orange? 94.  Two Old Beggars (D1596), 1924, sanguine drawing, 36x28cm.  Original: Birmingham Art Gallery 95.  Haystack and Sheep (D1597), c1923, watercolour, 36x44.5cm.  Original not located
96 small
97 small
98 small
99 small
100 small
96.  Old Italian Women (D3421), 1909-1910, coloured drawing, 34x27.5cm.  Original: Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea 97.  Foundry (D1598), c1922, drawing, 35.5x27cm.  Original:  Birmingham Art Gallery 98.  Coming Back from the Hunt (study for E941), 1923, sanguine drawing, 28.5x43.3cm.  Original:  Arents House, Bruges 99.  Sketch for St John (study for O359) , c1923, colour drawing, 18.7x23.5cm.  Original not located 100.  Caravans (E943) , 1923, etching, 28x50cm.  Multiple owners