FB studioWELCOME to the definitive Frank Brangwyn site, providing information about one of England's most talented artists - a muralist, oil painter, watercolourist, draughtsman, etcher, lithographer, wood engraver and designer of interiors, furniture, carpets, ceramics and stained glass.

The tile logo is based on one of the stencil designs Brangwyn created for the exterior of Siegfried Bing's Galeries L'Art Nouveau, Paris, in 1895.



Brangwyn in his Temple Lodge studio, 1904,
photograph courtesy Liss Fine Art

UNIQUE! Libby has produced the first ever Catalogue Raisonne in the history of the world to be published as a DVD. This may sound a little over the top but critics are describing the work as a TRIUMPH! So I think we're allowed a little brag! For more information see Recommended Reading in BOOKS or Stained Glass in ART.

FB at WarBRANGWYN AT WAR! Published by Goldmark, 182 pages, 126 works (almost all of which are illustrated) ranging from pre Great War illustrations for The Graphic, through all his war work to the murals in Winnipeg and the initial designs for the House of Lords memorial. The book discusses Brangwyn's attitude to war, his war art compared to contemporaries and his use of photographs. His posters are 'illustrated' by excerpts from Great War diaries. There's a chapter about propaganda and multifarious gobbets including the medical corps, gas attacks, army slang, smoking soldiers, Wipers Times, the photographer William Rider-Rider plus explanations about lithography, wood engraving and linocuts, plus an index of titles, index of catalogue numbers, museums list, exhibitions list and the usual extensive bibliography. http://www.goldmarkart.com/brangwyn-at-war.html

What you can find on this site:
Click on ART to find details of the Catalogue Raisonne project, sample signatures (including a brief note about fakes) and details of all the disciplines with which Brangwyn was involved - bookplates, Brangwyn Portfolio, murals, oils, works on paper, prints, decorative arts, stained glass, Stations of the Cross, war posters and works by other artists 'after' Brangwyn. Each sub section is as well illustrated as possible (without flouting copyright laws) and each illustration is accompanied by a detailed catalogue entry. BIOGRAPHY gives an overview of the man and a detailed tabulated biography, whilst myths debunks the wobbly stories which have developed over the years. BOOKS lists books illustrated by Brangwyn together with a list of recommened reading and where one can source the books. COLLECTIONS provides lists of collections worldwide, permanent displays, Brangwyn's gifts to museums and art galleries plus up to date information on exhibitions. The copyright owner is David Brangwyn who can be contacted by clicking COPYRIGHT, and the family tree expert is his wife Margaret whose email can be found on the same page. LINKS does just that - connects with related sites. Academic rigour is the basis of all the information provided, based on contemporary and primary sources. ENJOY!

Libby and Brangwyn (bust by Albert Toft, c1938, Z2145)

FB and LibbyWho started the site:
The site was started in 2000 by the art historian Libby Horner who is acknowledged as the world's leading authority on Brangwyn. She is compiling the Catalogue Raisonne of all Brangwyn's work, writes about, researches, lives and breathes the artist, curated the most comprehensive exhibition ever held of the artist's work in 2006 (Leeds, Bruges and Swansea) and was consultant for the 2010 National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, Brangwyn exhibition (which won a prestigious award). If you need more detailed information, have any information to add or correct, anecdotes, lists of acquisitions, original works by Brangwyn or correspondence relating to the artist, please let her know - just click CONTACT. Libby also writes authentication reports on Brangwyn works for both auction houses and individual collectors (supplying title, date, full catalogue entry and her Catalogue number) - charges available on request.

Libby has been a NADFAS lecturer since 2001. She can lecture on any Brangwyn topic but Brangwyn the Polymath is probably the best to start with, providing an overview of all the disciplines with which the artist was involved. Starting with a brief history of the artist, the lecture would discuss the varied disciplines which he mastered, with special reference to works in the vicinity of the particular Society. Also available, Brangwyn's Murals; Oil and Watercolour Paintings; Architecture and Interior Design; Stained Glass. Available as slide or digital lectures and study days. All lectures beautifully illustrated (especially in digital) and delivered with great enthusiasm and a sense of humour!

Why it is called the Brangwyn Bazaar:
In 1997 Eric Steven Raymond published a seminal article titled The Cathedral and the Bazaar, comparing the differing approaches of Microsoft and Linux to software. Without being presumptuous, I'd hope that this site is, like Linux, something of a forum where ideas can be exchanged and the product improved. There's a secondary connotation in that Brangwyn loved depicting Middle Eastern markets - bazaars.

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